Calendar Page! Where in the World is the MetryChick? What are we up to now? Check our calendar to see what’s going on new in the MetryChick world!

Where in the world is the MetryChick?

This calendar is perfect for meeting us at a fair or festival to get your lovelies AND this calendar is perfect for planning to attend a MetryChick event at our Lakeside Mall Location!  Now, in the past, MetryChick was appearing at an average of 80 shows a calendar year.  Since we opened our location in Lakeside Mall in Spring of 2013 we aren’t hitting the road anymore quite as much anymore so our calendar looks a little light.  This allows us to really focus on bringing quality products to our business and change our business model to bring in local artists.  We’re proud to say that our items are all made in Louisiana.  Keeping it NOLA MADE is very important to us and means that we are always searching to bring you the best our local, small businesses can make!

Can't catch up with MetryChick at a Fair or Festival?  Catch up with us at our cart in Lakeside Mall!  Check the calendar to see our new events!

Where is your store?  

That’s a question we get asked all the time.  Our cart, or the NEST (as I refer to it), IS our retail location.  We partnered with Brandee Barrett of Barrett House New Orleans to bring you a permanent location right in the heart of Metairie.  By working with always fun Ms. Brandee we are able to have a physical location for you to shop at while not committing to a huge overhead.  I like to say that this is the “New Economy” Retail Location.  Low overhead means that we don’t have to raise our prices, in fact, we’ve been able to lower some of our pricing!

So while our calendar might be looking a little light for outside events, we are making sure that we are pumping up our events at Lakeside just to keep things interesting!  We’re hosting trunk shows, book signings and readings, preview parties, and more!  Are there events that you might be interested in attending or that we should add to our calendar?  Just shoot us an EMAIL and let us know!

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